wake up. get ready quickly. commute. clock in. scroll in between tasks. catch up on stories during lunch. come home. eat dinner. scroll again. turn on the tv. you're too tired to do anything else. go to bed. repeat.

does that sound familiar? 

me, too. it is so easy to let days go by. to get lost in the mundane. feel too tired, or distracted, to do the things you want to be doing with your day. like the habits to establish, or slow moments to enjoy. & it's so easy stay in the cycle... it feels familiar. the scrolling is always a reliable escape. the habits are hard to stick to.

it's so much easier to be a product of the stressful to-do list of your day... but it doesn't have to be that way.
it's time to reclaim the joy in the day-to-day.

to find rhythms that serve you.
to be fully present.
to enjoy the slow tasks of your day.
to make better choices for your health.
to set better tech boundaries for yourself.
to be better at managing your time.

you may not be able to control how your day plays out, but I believe there's a way to make your micro-decisions count for something positive. to feel better about how your busy days go, and to be present on your slow days, too.

so, if you're somewhere between feeling like life is going 100 MPH in survival mode, while simultaneously getting lost in the mundane of doing the same things every day, you're in the right place. let's reclaim our days together. 

You deserve to have the rhythms in your life that serve you.

Rhythms, perspective, healthy habits, DIY's, budget-friendly finds, easy non-toxic switches, silver linings... and a whole lot of what I'm currently learning along the way.

that's what you'll find here.